Welcome to the Golden Sun Spa, a home for relaxation and healing. Our highly trained staff offer a variety of massage types to meet your individual needs.  The most common massage we perform is a traditional Swedish massage. Swedish massages are a great way to relax, relieve muscle tension, and improve circulation.  For those suffering from chronic muscle tension, our staff often recommends a deep tissue massage. By focusing on deeper pressure, and slower technique we are able to help realign muscle and connective tissue while releasing muscle tension. These techniques can also be paired with hot stones during a hot stone massage. By making use of the warmth of hot stones we can target specific areas of the body. This helps muscles relax and unwind.

We also offer a variety of massages designed to meet very specific needs. Our Sports Massage is very popular with local athletes as a way to stretch out tight muscles after long hours of practice. In addition to feeling great, it also allows athletes to better heal from the rigors of training, enhances performance, and helps to prevent injury.  For athletes looking to attain the peak of their potential, sports massages are a vital part of any training routine.

For expectant mothers our prenatal massage can be a lifesaver. The aches and pains of pregnancy, especially in the last trimester can make life very uncomfortable. Our therapists, with their years of experience, are able to target the muscles that are commonly strained. By working the muscles we are able to relieve some of the stress, aches, pain, and tension that comes with expectant motherhood.

For patients suffering from sciatic pain we offer a Sciatica Therapy massage targeted to soothe tense muscles that apply pressure to your sciatic nerve.  By keeping your muscles loose, and your lower back flexible, we can improve our clients lives dramatically. Sciatic pain may be sudden, or chronic. However, by working to relieve stress, tension, and proper

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